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منتجات يونيك سورس

PP spunbond nonwoven

Nonwoven Fabric

UNIC SOURCE specializes in PP spunbond nonwoven, and SMS fabrics, nonwoven lamination, nonwoven finished products and pp yarn with more than 4 years’ experience. We work with manufactures that have mastered advanced nonwoven technology requirements for customers with specific needs. We have also developed very strict quality control on fabric tear strength and fabric softness/hardness.


Our product range consists of a variety of linen sheets and hygiene kits comprising of disposable bed linen made of nonwoven polypropylenes. They are ideal for use in camps and hospitals. All items meet appropriate EN standards and are endorsed by the QC. They are also certified by the TÜV, SGS or Veritas laboratories which are well known worldwide. Most of the items for personal hygiene are “Eco pure” products, which are classified as non-harmful to the environment.

As a leading of disposable bed linen supplier, we ensure that every item supplied from our company meets strict international standards. You can therefore go ahead and make us your wholesale nonwoven distributers of choice and rest assured that you’ll always have high quality carry bags in your establishment.

We supply nonwoven fabric products all over the globe to a wide range of international companies, ranging from large multinational organizations to small individual companies.

Amenity kits

UNIC SOURCE Kits are most popular for hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and homeless shelters, there are countless other locations and situations in which they can be used and are distributed. They are available in different sets ideal for children and families. Customizable with your choice of shampoo, conditioner, soap, razor, shaving cream and more, these hygiene kits are great for camps, taking along while traveling, or tossing in your gym bag.

Amenity Kits

Fundamentals didn’t earn their name lightly – they are the necessities required for us to be and feel clean, fresh, healthy and put-together. Purchase in bulk and save even more by customizing your personal toiletry kit today!

UNIC SOURC provides their customers, when requested, with a detailed technical specification and compliance certificate for each item. This includes certificates of conformity with valid terms and compliance against the specification; sanitary hygienic certificates and compliance against the specification; and certificates for the quality control management system.

nonwoven bags


Our popular nonwoven bags have been successfully used by many customers around the world. What makes us a distinguish nonwoven bags supplier is the success we have had and continue to experience in providing a collection of different high quality, durable and economical wholesale paper bag products.

UNIC SOURCE LDA offers a variety of nonwoven bags for shopping, including handle bags, vest bags, PVC bags and promotional bags.

As a leading nonwoven bag supplier, we ensure that every carry bag supplied from our company meets strict international packaging standards. You can therefore go ahead and make us your wholesale nonwoven distributers of choice and rest assured that you’ll always have high quality carry bags in your establishment.

Home Health Care

Aleppo soap is (also known as savon d’Alep, laurel soap, Syrian soap, or ghar soap, the Arabic word “غَار”, meaning ‘laurel’).

  • The soap is made primarily from natural olive oil.
  • It originates from the city of Aleppo, Syria.
  • The soap is made by hand using traditional centuries-old methods.
Laurel Soap

These soaps are made using traditional soap-making techniques, and it’s all done by hand. The soaps are made primarily of natural olive oil which is boiled in a large vat with water, lye, and laurel oil. The ingredients are boiled for three days and then poured over large sheets of wax paper where it is evenly spread and smoothed. once cool it is cut into cubes and stacked and left to dry, which is a process that takes six to nine months.

Waterproof Survival Emergency Blanket

Thermal Blanket

Waterproof Survival Emergency Blanket First Aid Rescue Curtain Camp Tent Foil Thermal Blanket Reusable

  • Emergency Foil Thermal Survival Blanket 10 Pack, Approx. Size: 1.6 X 2.1 Meters.
  • Designed to reflect / retain up to 90% of your body heat.
  • Compact, Easy to fold away, keep in small kits, in your car or glove compartment.
  • Blankets are reusable, waterproof, windproof, moisture-proof and can be used as ground cover, sun shade, or as ultra-light blankets.
  • Suitable for Use After Accidents, Emergency Use During Outdoors Activities Such as Camping, Hiking and Fishing.


Promotional Materials


For your promotion during fairs, or any events you want to communicate we propose a lot of advertising products, like PP Woven or Nonwoven bags, textile (Suites, Shirts, T Shirts, Caps, Etc.), or goodies like pens, USB flash drive, key holders, mugs, banners Etc.

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